Kumamoto SUBACO HONEY SHOP (Former: Kumamoto Fureaikan Store)

571-15 Mitsugu-machi, Kita-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken

In accordance with the opening of the new factory,
Kumamoto Fureaikan Store reopened after renovating as “SUBACO HONEY SHOP” on March 22 (Fri)!

The store with a bright and mainly white interior where customers can enjoy leisurely shopping in an open space.
There is also an eating area as previously.
Please enjoy your shopping time with our popular delicious “Honey Soft Serve”, “Fruit Juice Infused Honey Drink” and so on.

Come and enjoy a tour of our new factory, “SUBACO HONEY MUSEUM”!

Have a look around the manufacturing process of Sugi Bee Garden’s best “Pure Honey”, the hugely popular “Fruit Juice Infused Honey” and so on!
You can also enjoy Sugi Bee Garden’s history and the world of beekeeping along the visitor route.

The visitor route connects “SUBACO HONEY SHOP” and  “SUBACO HONEY MUSEUM” which offers easy access.
There’s a trick art in the corner of the shop.
Why don’t you take pictures to keep memories that you enjoyed the factory tour?

“SUBACO HONEY SHOP” Business Information
TEL:096-245-5538(Head Office)
Business hours
*Business hours will vary depending on the season.
*For stocktaking, the end of month will close 16:15pm.

Some of our stores will be temporally closed or the business hours will be temporary shorten due to the infection control measures of the Covid-19.
For details, please check our Store information.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and your understanding will be greatly appreciated.

About the factory tour of the new factory, “SUBACO HONEY MUSEUM”

<The factory walk-through tour will be temporarily stopped until further notice.>

Factory Tour Opening Hours
* A reservation is required for groups. (No need for individuals.)
* If you require a guide, please make a reservation. (However, a guide will only be available until 5:30 p.m.)
* Tours are also available on Sundays and public holidays, but the factory will not be in operation.
* Contact to following phone number at “SUBACO HONEY SHOP” for reservation and inquiry.


>15-minute drive from Kumamoto Castle.
>25-minute drive from Ueki IC of Kyushu Expressway.
>10-minute drive from “JR Kami-Kumamoto Station”.
>20-minute walk from “JR Nishisato Station”.
>At Kumamoto Bus Terminal Platform No. 4, take Sanko Bus (To Ueki via Manraku-ji Temple and Kita Ward Office) → Get off at “Koujin Iriguchi Foodpal Kumamoto” bus stop.