Sugi Bee Garden’s Mission

Promoting the future health of the surrounding nature by being particular about all labor done, wholeheartedly doing each and every activity.
A global beekeeping company aiming to make the health and beauty wishes of all customers a reality.

Sugi Bee Garden continues its activities on a global scale, sticking by its promise to the earth via its own, unique production philosophy, “Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture + Agriculture)”.
Through working with bees every single day, we as beekeepers have come to learn that, “Beekeeping and agriculture is one part of nature’s big cycle”.
Similar to agriculture, the beekeeping industry is greatly affected by the surrounding natural environment – such as land, air, water, and naturally growing vegetation.
Thus, beekeeping is one of the many great benefits given to humans by nature. The foundation for delicious honey-making starts with the desire to protect and promote the health of the surrounding beautiful natural environment.
As a global beekeeping company, Sugi Bee Garden continues to care for the future health of nature so that the health and beauty wishes of all customers can be made a reality via delicious honey and health products.

Proud of our 72-year Beekeeping History
Right from the very start 72-years ago, we have been committed to spending time and effort on all work in order to pursue the deliciousness born from nature.
Our love for nature and culture stimulates our dedicated work in the beekeeping industry.
We never rush any of our bee products, always painstakingly caring for each and every one of them until they are at their peak. We are proud to abide by the strict beekeeping quality standards and high levels of safety.
Even though the times and situations around us change, customers can continuously be assured by the reliable quality of the “Marusu Mark ”.

Committed to Doing Things by Hand
In our 72 years as a beekeeping company, we have managed to consistency and effectively raise honey bees, extract the honey they make, and gain profitable sales.
We never leave any of corporate activities to outside companies – we strongly prefer to provide our customers with quality, handmade products made with our very own hands.
We believe that empathy with this corporate stance will in turn lead to trust in our products.

Cherishing Customer Ties
We cherish the chance to make contact with our customers through our directly-managed stores located nationwide.
We endeavoured to make improvements in-house after hearing from customers that company trust and product confidence can be gained from the staff. We firmly believe that these improvements will help to further grow the company. The improvements also include the implementation of an original direct telemarketing team whom help boost customer satisfaction.