In 1946

Working in the Beekeeping Industry

In 1956
Company established (3 beehive boxes purchased)

In 1961

Standing Advisor, Takeo Sugi, went independent in the beekeeping industry with 10 groups of beehive boxes.
We started by packing our extracted honey into commercially available bottles and selling it by bicycle.
Our first supplier was Inada Bread in Kumamoto City.

In 1965

Trading began with Tsuruya Department Store in Kumamoto Prefecture.

In 1971

Launched as a Ltd. Co. with a capital of 1 million JPY and 10 employees.

In 1980

Began implementation of the production department business. It acts as the basis for Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture + Agriculture).

In 1984

Completed a VTR for educational purposes, entitled “Hana and Mitsubachi” (Flowers and Honey Bees). Selected as the Ministry of Education choice.
Recommended by the National PTA Federation. Awarded Gold at the 30th International Beekeeper Conference.

In 1986

Kumamoto Aso Mitsubachi Farm Store opened.

In 1994

Kumamoto Ozu Bunkanomori “Honey House” Store opened.

In 1996

Our “Hexagonal Honeycomb” won Gold in the “1995 New Product Awards” by Kumamoto Prefectural Products Promotion Association.

In 1997

Moved to Foodpal Kumamoto.

In 1998

Our “Anniversary Candle” won Silver in the “1998 New Product Awards, Craftsmanship Department” by Kumamoto Prefectural Products Promotion Association.
Our “Aso Plateau Honey-flavored Jersey Ice Cream” won Silver in the “1999 New Product Awards” by Kumamoto Prefectural Products Promotion Association.
Opened a store within Hiroshima Station’s Fukuya Department Store, Hiroshima Prefecture.
Established a selling department inside the Sanko Store of Kumamoto Airport, Kumamoto Prefecture.

In 2000

Launched our direct marketing business.

In 2002

Kumamoto Suizenji Store Directly Managed Branch opened.
Our “Loofa Hat” (Hechima-no-boshi) won Silver in the “2002 New Product Awards” by Kumamoto Prefectural Products Promotion Association.
Oita Yufuin Store opened.

In 2003

Our “Honey Opener” won Gold in the “2003 New Product Awards” by Kumamoto Prefectural Products Promotion Association.
Shizuoka Ito Onsen Store opened.
Fukuoka Dazaifu Store opened.
Nagasaki Glover Garden Store opened.
Kanagawa Hakone Yumoto Store opened.

In 2004

Kanagawa Kamakura Store opened.
Hyogo Kobe Motomachi Store opened.
Kyoto Sanjo Store opened.

In 2005

Yamanashi Fujikawaguchiko Store opened.
Nara Todaiji Store opened.
Saitama Kawagoe Store opened.
Tokyo Sugamo Togenuki Jizo Store opened.

In 2006

Tochigi Nikko Toshogu Store opened.
Kagawa Konpira Store opened.

In 2007

Hiroshima Miyajima Store opened.
Kumamoto Kurokawa Onsen Store opened.
Shizuoka Atami Store opened.
Hokkaido Noboribetsu Store
Chiba Naritasan Store opened.

In 2008

Ehime Dogo Onsen Store opened.
Shimonoseki Kamonwharf Store opened.
Gifu Hidatakayama Store opened.
Gunma Kusatsu Onsen Store opened.
Hyogo Kinosaki Spa Store opened.

In 2009

Hokkaido Hakodate Kanamori Warehouse Store opened.
Hokkaido Otaru Store opened.
Kumamoto city Suido-cho center (telemarketing center) opened.

In 2010

Shiga Biwako Nagahama Store opened.

In 2011

Nagano Karuizawa Second Store opened.
Kyoto Ginkakuji Store opened.
Gifu Hidatakayama Kamiichinomachi Store opened.

In 2012

Tokyo Denenchofu Store opened.
Kyoto Sanneizaka Store opened.

In 2013

Saga center (telemarketing center) opened.
Kagoshima Tenmonkan Store opened.

In 2014

Koichi Yoneda is Appointed as President and CEO in April.

Kyoto Nishikiichiba Store opened.

Kumamoto Station Store opened.

Kanagawa Kamakura Second Store, Third Store opened.

In 2015

Kurume center (telemarketing center) opened.
Saitama Kawagoe Second Store opened.

In 2016

Tokyo Kichijoji Store opened.
Kanagawa Yokohama Motomachi Store opened.
Nagano Naganomotoyoshicho Store opened.
Kanagawa Kamakura Wakamiyaoji Store opened.
Tokyo Omotesando Store opened.
Tokyo Azabujuban Store opened.
Tokyo Jiyugaoka Store opened.

In 2017

Aichi Nagoya Maker’s Pier Store opened.
Aichi KITTE Nagoya Store opened.
Local subsidiary established in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong SOGO Causeway Bay Store opened.
Thailand SUGI BEE GARADEN CAFÉ opened.
Nagasaki Mitsubachi Farm Huis Ten Bosch Store opened.

In 2018

Hyogo Kinosaki Spa Store relocated.
AEON MALL Miyazaki Store opened.
Kumamoto Station Store renovated.
Hyogo Kobe Motomachi Store opened.
Local subsidiary established in Taiwan.
Taiwan Sugi Bee Garden Hanshin Arena opened.
Taiwan Sugi Bee Garden SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI A8 opened.
Taiwan Sugi Bee Garden city’super SOGO Fuxing Store opened.
Fukuoka Hakata Station Ming Store opened.
Kanagawa Hakone Ajisai-bashi Store opened.
Kanagawa Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Store opened.

In 2019

Osaka Sugi Bee Garden KIX Store opened.

Hokkaido AEON MALL Asahikawa Station Store opened.

A new factory”SUBACO” with a factory tour course was completed in March.

Taiwan Sugi Bee Garden Globai Mall Shinpei Zhonghe opened.

Okinawa PARCO CITY Store opened.

Hong Kong SUGI BEE GARDEN Langham Place Shop opened.

Kumamoto SAKURAMACHI Kumamoto Store opened.

Toyama AEON MALL Takaoka Store opened.

Tokyo Kitasenju Marui Store opened.


Okinawa AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom Store opened.

Singapore Takashimaya Singapore Store opened.

Taiwan Taipei FEDS Xinyi A13 Store opened.

In 2020

AEON MALL Hanyu Store opened in Saitama in February.

IIAS TSUKUBA Store opened in Ibaraki in April.

Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal Store opened in April.

Tachikawa Lumine Store opened in Tokyo in July.

Local subsidiary(SUGI BEE GARDEN (INTERNATIONAL) CO., LIMITED) established in Hong Kong in December.

In 2021

Sakuranobaba Johsaien Store opened in Kumaoto in March.

Received ISO 22000 Certification, an international food safety management system.

Pop Corn store opened in Hong Kong in August.

Tokyo office opened in August.

YOUME Town Hamasen Store opened in Kumamoto in September.

In 2022

ISLAND RESORT MALL store opened in Hong Kong in May.

Takashimaya store opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in July.

AEON LakeTown mori Store opened in Saitama in August.

Arashiyama Store opened in Kyoto in September.

Tokyo Haneda Airport Garden Store opened in January.

In 2023

Aso Kumamoto Airport opened in Kumamoto in March.

Moved to Kumamoto station (telemarketing center) in Kumamoto in June. (former Kumamoto city Suido-cho center.)

AEON MALL MAKUHARI SHINTOSHIN Store opened in Chiba in July.