Product Philosophy

All for Customer’s Satisfaction

Thorough Quality Control
Sugi Bee Garden's factory has acquired FSSC22000 certification, the international food safety management standard. We are making efforts to improve the level of quality assurance so that we believe that we can offer our products even more safely and securely to our customers.
Sugi Bee Garden delivers top quality honey full of the blessings of nature in the aim of making our customers’ lives richer and healthier. Ensuring high levels of safety in order to achieve this comes as standard.
We continue to aim for even higher levels of safety via the further training of staff.

Creating Products as a Beekeeping Company
We use our past achievements and experience to effectively meet the various wishes of customers who show empathy with Sugi Bee Garden. This in turn leads to new ideas and the development of products.
We are committed to manufacturing products right from the very start – promoting innovation to make the quality expectations of customers a reality.
We are developing a rich product lineup, including honey, health foods such as royal jelly and Propolis, as well as natural cosmetic products for women with skin worries.

Directly Managed Stores Act as Places to Meet Customers
Directly managed Sugi Bee Garden stores both nationwide and around the world is where we can get to actually meet customers face-to-face and hear their stories.
We actively promote the development of directly managed stores based on ideas that customers to have opinions like; “I would like to get to know Sugi Bee Garden better", "I want to be able to pick up product and choose at ease", "I seek safe, good quality products, so being able to go to a store and directly ask members of staff brings more peace and mind than any other method”, etc.
We are eagerly waiting for your visit.