Greetings from the President

Thank you very much for visiting Sugi Bee Garden’s website.
I am Koichi Yoneda, the President and CEO of Sugi Bee Garden.
Sugi Bee Garden is a beekeeping company which has approached everything health-related for 72-years.
We actively protect our global environment so that both bees and humans can live in harmony together, and that the quality of Sugi Bee Garden products – honey, royal jelly, cosmetics, etc., are all of a high standard.
Based in Kumamoto Prefecture, we have 64 directly managed stores both domestically and around the world. Our products and services are also available online and over the telephone to help meet the wishes of customers.
We sincerely hope to positively contribute to the heightened health of our customers. Thank you very much for your continued support.

In our 72 years as a beekeeping company, we have managed to consistency and effectively raise honey bees, extract the honey they make, and gain profitable sales
We never leave any of our corporate activities to outside companies – we strongly prefer to provide our customers with quality, handmade products made only with our very own hands.

We believe that empathy with this corporate stance will in turn lead to trust in our products.
We cherish the chance to make contact with our customers through our directly-managed stores nationwide.

Our customers shared with us their opinion that company trust and confidence in products is gained from the staff. Upon hearing this, we endeavoured to make improvements in-house in the firm belief that it would in turn help to grow the company. These improvements include a unique direct telemarketing team whom help to boost customer satisfaction.

As beekeeping activities are greatly affected by the weather and the environment, it can occasionally be difficult to provide guide stable products to our customers.

Understanding the actions, Sugi Bee Garden takes to solve these problems will in turn lead to a greater understanding about the organization of the company.
We have a strong desire to please customers by proactively producing products which align with their wishes.

These are only some of the responsibilities I hold. I am always looking to the future in order to grow the company into one which further stands out from the crowd.

Paying Attention to Customers’ Health and Sharing Ideas

We continuously develop in order to meet the wishes of our customers – their desire to be healthy and comfortable.
We do this via dispatching useful information about healthy lifestyle viewpoints inside our products.
Continuously working alongside nature, we consider it vital to always keep the process of product creation fresh.
All employees learn about healthy living, beekeeping, and nature. They then share any appropriate visions and thoughts learned to the customer.
I deeply care about being healthy myself, too. I endeavour to live a life with a good balance of work, food, and exercise.
Our company as a whole has “good health” firmly rooted into our veins, often sponsoring or participating in various sports events.

People are the Assets of any Beekeeping Company
We endeavour to implement “Holonic Management” in order to provide customers, and society as a whole, with the unique values of Sugi Bee Garden.
We aim to become a unique beekeeper company where both individuals and the entire company as a whole can function organically; nurturing employees who can lead the next generation.
The characteristics of “Holonic Management” include a “Suitable Organization for Intelligent Production”, and the “Flexibility to Deal with Environmental Changes in Real Time”. It even extends to skills such as the “Ability to Judge the Probability of Evaluation Criteria”, and the “Nurturing of Effective Business Personnel”.
Only when an advanced level is reached can an employee effectively respond to customer's expectations.
Sugi Bee Garden doesn’t aspire to kicking back and relaxing with where we currently are. Rather, we aim to continue to create a healthy tomorrow with our employees and the generous support and power gained from an abundance of customers.

Sugi Bee Garden Co., LTD.
President and CEO Koichi Yoneda