Beginning of Sugi Bee Garden

It all began with only 3 beehive boxes.

Sugi Bee Garden began 72 years ago (1946) in Kumamoto, Kyushu Island (Japan), when Takeo Sugi, the founder, jumped into the beekeeping world with only 3 beehive boxes.
“The best honey in Japan could be made in the flowery city of Kumamoto due to its year-long warm climate”…Upon having this thought, Takeo Sugi soon made up his mind to make a top quality honey product which customers would deeply appreciate.
He managed to create a honey-making method which he was satisfied with through repeated trial and error – from the rearing of the honey to the extraction. Cutting corners was never an option for him.

The early considerations of Sugi Bee Garden have continuously been passed down through generations of beekeepers, with Sugi Bee Garden currently producing the most types of honey in Japan. Not only that, but their strong manufacturing beliefs that everything which can be done in-house should be done in-house, still continues to this day.
Honey is extracted between April and August, after any changes in the weather and environment has been assessed, and the most suitable nectar source established. Extraction takes places in Kumamoto, Akita, and Hokkaido.
We also actively pursue the highest quality of honey outside of the extraction season. This is achieved by developing beekeeping activities such as producing new queen bees responsible for the honey produced in the following year. We also aim to grow strong, healthy bees in preparation for the winter season. This involves setting up countermeasures against wasps, and endeavoring to make original nest boxes.

From Kumamoto to the World

Sugi Bee Garden coordinates with beekeepers to promote the development of innovations within the beekeeping industry.
We aim to further heighten the strength of beekeeping by developing beekeeping activities – both domestically and overseas, which will in turn perfect our global perspective and sensibility.
We implement “Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture + Agriculture)” on a global scale by collaborating with outstanding beekeepers from across the globe.
We have been to major beekeeping nations such as Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Brazil, to perfect and improve our global standpoint and sensitivity.
While working together with these countries and discussing beekeeping, they came to deeply sympathize with the “Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture + Agriculture)” philosophy of Sugi Bee Garden, spreading the desire to seek top quality bees to expand activities.
Such acts are fantastic opportunities to gain a deep global insight about the future of beekeeping methods. It is also an opportunity to attempt unprecedented ideas and creativity.
We believe that true innovation is born through actively dispatching beekeepers overseas, where they can not only learn about global practices, but others can also learn from us.

We are expanding our stores overseas (primarily in Southeast Asia), as well as participating in various exhibitions. The SOGO Causeway Bay store in Hong Kong was opened in 2017.
We also currently have 3 stores in Taiwan, of which all are implementing GLOBAL CHALLENGE.
All necessary planning and marketing for Sugi Bee Garden products are done by local teams in order to effectively capture the hearts of the locals.
We are recruiting personnel from around the world, as well as proactively developing overseas in order continue to contribute to the health and beauty of our customers as a global beekeeping company.