Osaka Sugi Bee Garden KIX Store

(05) Machiyakoji, 2F, Terminal 1, Kansai International Airport,1 Sensyu Kuko Naka, Tajiri cyo, Sen’nan gun, Osaka, 549-0011

Business hours
*Business hours is based on Kansai International Airport (It may change depends on seasons and events).
*For stocktaking, 2days begore the end of month will close 30 min earlier than usual.

Some of our stores will be temporally closed or the business hours will be temporary shorten due to the infection control measures of the Covid-19.
For details, please check our Store information.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and your understanding will be greatly appreciated.


JR・Kansai Airport Line「Kansai-kuko station」

Please check the official website for Kansai Airport.